• Manu Mohan

Ever felt grateful for where you are!

What are you in this grand Universe, if not a speck of dust!!

Lying down on a cot at my terrace, staring into the endless night sky and uncountable stars, I realize how vaaaast the Universe is (or so I think) and how irrelevant we all are! An oh-so humbling feeling which makes you feel very Grateful.

The number of stars I see in unbelievable! While #coronavirus has been wrecking havoc all throughout the world and disturbing our everyday lives, today was one of the better days for me! Past few days were kind of tough. It has been a lot of ups and downs. A few days back, Dad got high BP and had to be taken to a hospital. While, he has been suffering from Hypertension for quite some time and such episodes are not very uncommon, this time was different. Taking your family member to a hospital, during these times, is a lot more complicated and especially your dad, who has been The Guy in the family! He is all well and good now! And I feel really grateful for this family!! Mom. Dad and Malu (Painful little Sister)!

Lying on this cot, cannot stop thinking about how special our planet is! There are One Billion Trillion stars, in the observable universe. That's a freaking 10^21 stars!! We happen to revolve around one of them. And, as of now, happen to be one of those rare planets which has Life! Life which has evolved right from the unit cell to such complex and evolved organisms like us, Humans. The so called, most intelligent species on earth and who have F***ed the planet to the extreme! You and Me still get to live on this planet! Survive, thrive and have beautiful/complex relationships which helps us feel things! Sometimes good and sometimes bad, but we still live and soak in each day. Be a reason for someone's happiness. Live. Laugh and bring smiles to people! Be grateful to where you are, for the people you have coz guess what, you are just a speck of dust in this grand scheme of the Universe! As irrelevant and immaterial as it can be. You and Me!


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